Wannabe Pirates

Gaaargh me hearties, how the devil be ye? Arrr, ‘that be a shame…
Be not afeard, for I have entertainin’s for ye!
With me ship in dry dock for the time bein’ I’ve filled me wasted hours with a scourin’ o’ the televisual devices what litter me shack. Have ye spotted the forthcomin’ American show Pirate Master – yaarrr they be havin’ the usual mob o’ over-educated landlubbers loaded onto ye pirate ship and cast off. It be some reality nonsense or other, but should prove most amusin’. ‘Tis unclear as yet whether they’ll be facin’ sea beasties or any form o’ genuine danger – we can but hope. Most amusin’ be the Wiki stuff they be promotin’, so ye can point ye sarcasm-cannon at them as be desperate for fame and deflate ’em somewhat.
Yarrr – the problem be whether ye cap’n’ll be able to see the series what with it bein’ some CBS type affair – where can ye download such things? Be ye knowin’? Then ye must be sharin’ so we can all be havin’ a fine chuckle over a mug o’ grog. If ye know – please to be emailin’ – captain.pigheart@btinternet.com.

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