Gaaaaaaargh! Captain Pigheart’s Back!

Yahar mates, I know it’s been a while. So long that ye might’ve thought ye cap’n had perished at sea in a whalin’ incident, but that be naught but scuttlebutt. I were lost. But now I be found, though as blissfully unenlightered as before.

I brings ye a new tale o’ me voyages through the aquatic swirlin’s I like to call the sea. This be me fourteenth tale, an’ I be quite pleased to present ‘Captain Pigheart’s Triffic Adventure‘.

I be creditin’ me landlubber chum the parson’s son for bringin’ back memories I’d thought were seurely locked away. I hopes ye enjoy it more’n I did at the time.

If ye’d like to stir me brain-brew and see what surfaces, kindly email me or leave a comment on ye blog.


Me fondest thoughts be with ye,

Ignatius Pigheart (Captain)

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