Talk Like A Pirate Day 2012 – even more pirate stories

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Talk Like A Pirate DayMore? Aye, yet more short pirate stories to make ye heart leap and sword quiver:

A Cold, Cold Night Adventure

The legends of a disgusting sea hobo.

Merwenchery: a Guide to Consorting with Mermaids

Informative and educational – learn to woo a merwench just like a pirate would.

Captain Pigheart’s Santa’s Pirate Elf Adventure

Christmas falls from the skies, in the form of a charming elf.

The Missing Metacarpal Adventure

Revealed – the mystery of how No Hands Mick lost his hands, and of our first meeting.

The Dancing Adventure

Pirates love to dance – to the death!

The Water-Logged Adventure

To drown, perchance to die – and yet, there’s always a way out.

The Citric Adventure

There’s risks to takin’ a savage grocer’s girl as a gift.

The Culinary Confession of Monty McBuboe

Our ship’s chef’s a hideous leper with a magic recipe book.

The Mercenary Adventure

Terrible monsters besiege us as we fight for the King of Tarsus.

The Smuggling Adventure

When ye’re bootlegging with the worst of ‘em it pays to keep yer mouth shut.

The Culinary Confession of Monty McBuboeThe Bloodsoaked Adventure

Swashbuckling battle takes us across the sea and into a fog bank of horror.

The Pitch Black Adventure

While being pursued by mermen keen to avenge their sister’s honour we’re attacked by penguins.

The Wedding Adventure

Sweetness and romance, despite all we’ve done.

The Harmonious Adventure

The bells, the bells! That damn ringin’ll drive ye plain insane.

The Booty Adventure

Delivering treasure to a terrifyingly paranoid man’s fraught with danger.

The Selachian Damsel Adventure

There’s beautiful busty merwenches and there are fearsome tooth-faced ones too.

The Lobster Adventure

Being stranded and hunted by evil night lobsters proves a substantial obstacle to survival.

The Blundering Buccaneer

Me dear brother magically overcomes his own shortcomings and meets a wonderful lass.

The Flock of Fear Adventure

The horror of the birds! They’re not really cute little things.


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