Lego Creations: Mini Mechs

Robo-fun – Mech-Beelding action

If you don’t fancy building starships out of Lego, robots are the logical alternative. They’re smaller, faster to build and you can still build starships as well. I have a fondness for the guy in R2-D2 and the disabled kids who performed in Silent Running. The unifying element is that there was no need whatsoever to put an actor in those boxes; they are there for purely comic effect. So I wanted to make some small robots who looked neat and simple.

The two robots have the same body and leg structure, which I found an easy way to add bits onto – maximum studs facing outward from the core. They’ve both come out quite differently and have a pleasingly smooth overall finish. Trying to keep a consistent colour scheme has driven me fairly crazy and tells me I should really buy a few more kilos of small Lego bricks…

Mech #1

Originally I built this little chap out of the AT-RT set (which is great and has a very cool Droideka). For no clear reason I was delaying the construction and had a happy tinker with the pieces. Eventually I did build the AT-RT and had to recreate Mech#2 from other parts. The head’s a really satisfying brick, and it turns out I’ve got about a dozen of these in different colours. They are so obviously robot noggins.

Mech #2

I wanted to build another version of Mech#1 out of just black Lego, but it was really hard to see (and not just because we use low-energy light bulbs). Lego black sucks in light and blinds you. So the addition of orange felt just right (especially once I’d checked that I had enough parts). I made entirely different arms for this guy and stretched the body out slightly and it seems to have had the desired effect.

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