Greetings to ye, most charming reader

May I be allowed first to say just how much admired and pressed to me mental bosom ye are. For ye fortitude and clarity of discrimination concernin’ ye choices o’ reading material I’d award ye a celestial sphere in o’ them fetching gold tones.

Aye, so grateful am I (and ye have the the gratitude of me crew), for your enjoyment and (one can but hope) your sharing of me adventures with the world, that it became clear to I that while ye eyes were soakin’ up me words, ye ears were bein’ cruelly neglected. How cruel I am.

Reparation for me ways

And so, in the manner of making amends to ye bruised lugs, ye modest and humble (not to mention disabled captain – in a positive and affirmin’ way) has embarked upon a new journey – a journey into the land o’ audio publishing… Aye.

Before ye now are just the beginnings o’ what I hopes will be a bold and (barring ye monsters) profitable foray into ye ears via digital means.

They be but a penny or two from ye purse, and I can assure ye that ye monies’ll be well spent on fresh paint, rum and whorin’ for the lads.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Available Now at – fear not, there be a previewin’ thing for ye to get a taste of ye cap’n before ye considers a purchase… Gaargh – an’ there be two entirely free tales too! Adventure at Mistress Squidlington’s and The Amphibious Adventure.

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