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This week, Monday 14th April 2014

That’s All Folks Sorry – this is a very short this week post. I’m busy innit? Well, busy and already back to a state of extreme stress and weariness – … Continue reading

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Mini Lego Movie Competition Winners

Stop Motion Action Last week I had the privilege of being an absent judge for the South Holland Centre’s mini Lego movie competition. That immediately involved most of my favourite things – … Continue reading

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Slightly Broken – Back This: Rewind To Fast-Forward by Sasha Joseph Neulinger

Living with horror I’ve written before about my own experiences of sexual abuse. It’s not fun reading and not much fun writing it either. At the time I was receiving … Continue reading

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Lego Blog: Minifigures – The Three Oddnesses

The Sound Of Adults Giggling Of the many wondrous things at the Lego Shop is the build your own minifigure heap in the middle of the store. We spend most … Continue reading

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This week, Monday 7th April 2014

Sweet Sweet Sleep I’ve spent most of the last week catching up with sleep and relaxation. I’ve done very little else, which in this rare case is actually a good … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Legend of Hercules (2014)

Robin Hood: Prince of Gladiators In the wake of dreadful ancient history action mythology movies like Clash of the Titans and 300: Rise of an Empire comes The Legend of … Continue reading

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Lego Blog: Lego City Heavy-Lift Helicopter 4439

Brick-Spasm I recently had a Lego-acquisition fit in a supermarket on spotting the thrilling yellow clearance labels. When I recovered I discovered I’d picked up a Lego City set. I … Continue reading

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This week, Monday 31st March 2014

Ten Thousand Horrors So my week is delayed a few days. This is exactly how it feels – as if the days are slip-sliding over each other in their keenness … Continue reading

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Lego Blog: A Lego Haul

The Lego Store Journey Last week we did our second major Lego Store pilgrimage. Since I’ve returned to loving Lego over the last few years my closest friends have gone … Continue reading

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Runes: Martin Findell

Tell You The Future I Shall… Well, apparently not. Despite becoming a staple in role-playing games and fantasy lore runes are proper language, not gibbering portentous nonsense like Tarot. While … Continue reading

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This week, Monday 24th March 2014

Up And Down Till I Vomit Another week has flashed by in the wink of a naked eye. The last week has had a terrifying mix of ecstatic highs and … Continue reading

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The Desert Crystals – Part 28: Easy Ways To Die

Desert Crystals Part 28 – Easy Ways To Die The Dove’s Eye‘s fatal spin had been arrested, and the great airship simply plummeted through the blue sky. The twisted balloon … Continue reading

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Lego Blog: Microscale Castle Building

Emails and Castles I get nice emails sometimes from Lego-ing people. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy to be part of the Lego community. This time I was sent … Continue reading

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Lego Blog: The Lego Movie Giant Brick Storage Boxes

Lego Accessories Are Also Lego I believe we should start with full disclosure – I was sent this item to test and review by A Place For Everything, also I … Continue reading

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This week, Monday 17th March 2014

Thrashed, Utterly Thrashed I seem to have almost annihilated my health by working too hard and worrying too much. There are loads of stupid consequences of such behaviour: lack of … Continue reading

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Weekend Film Reviews: The Grand Budapest Hotel and 300: Rise of An Empire

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) The trailers for this had been killing me for a while, and on the strength of Wes Anderson’s previous work I was well up for … Continue reading

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Advertising For The Grand Budapest Hotel

If You Like This Film, You Will Want These Things We went to see the splendid The Grand Budapest Hotel on Saturday (I’ll review it tomorrow, promise) and I was struck … Continue reading

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The Best Lego Minifigures: Yeti and Gingerbread Man | The Collectionary Blog

re-blogged from The Collectionary Blog where I’m guest blogging about um, Lego… Dangerous Confessions I love Lego mini-figures.  Absolutely love them.  Like most people, I constantly played with Lego when I was a … Continue reading

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Lego Blog: Jabba’s Palace Part 3 – The Droid Dungeon

Oh-oh-o, we’re in a dungeon now I’ve been cheerfully modding my Jabba’s Palace since I got it some time last year. It was an absurd bargain and totally validated trekking … Continue reading

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This week, Monday 10th March 2014

  Egad, Be This The Sparklings of Spring? It’s not coat weather anymore, that’s for sure. I despise the heat, and sweating is a bestial practice. That’s why I so … Continue reading

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Comixology – freebie bargain

Comics Improved I’ve been a lover of Comixology for a few years now, for lots of reasons. One, digital comics are cheaper than paper, and take up less space (take … Continue reading

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Naturalism, Intimacy and Ten Thousand Million Love Stories

Busy Busy Showtimes Ah such a busy week… it demands more than I can give it! Not just the sweet mistress improv, whose demands on my time and brain are … Continue reading

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This week, Monday 3rd March 2014

Why So Quiet This Week? Hideously I feel it is the result of a soul-deep weariness and hyperbole. I am a bit worn – last week was pretty busy and … Continue reading

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The Desert Crystals – Part 27: Fragile Things

Desert Crystals Part 27 – Fragile Things Flesh and fat hissed in the darkness. Bones cracked, sending a burst of sparks up into the night sky. The makeshift pyres would … Continue reading

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Cinema Trailers – why?

The Glory Of The Off-White Screen We go to the cinema quite a lot. I am not a terribly discerning film viewer – I like explosions, robots, aliens and spaceships. … Continue reading

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This week, Monday 24th February 2014

Four Day Weeks I don’t know if there’s something inherently oppressive about working five days a week, but when I’m freed from it it make s a huge difference. I … Continue reading

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Lego Blog: The Palace Cinema 10232

The Agony Of Choice Before Christmas a bunch of us newly-confirmed AFOLs headed up to Meadowhall as a pilgrimage to The Lego Store. It was a hugely over-exciting occasion, the … Continue reading

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Pulp Pirate 21 – FC 96 Fish Ships Out

Flash Cast 96 – Fish Ships Out Boom, three in a row. That rounds off my three parter with Alex Trepan in ‘Midnight Shopping’  - Jam & The Maiden.  I … Continue reading

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This week, Monday 17th February 2014

That’s No Moon We’ve had awesome moons with streamers of twisting cloud tearing past all week. The wind driving it’s been quite powerful – not so much here in Nottingham, … Continue reading

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Gorilla Burger – Improv comedy show – Thursday 13 February 2014

Originally posted on MissImp Nottingham Comedy:
Your choice: Laugh or listen to Sledgehammer on repeat Peter Gabriel will be 64 years old on Thursday. If you’ve never heard of the…

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This week, Monday 10th February 2014

New Wheels, Sleeping Last week was busy while not having that many things in it… I find those weeks odd. I believe it’s a combination of having lots of work … Continue reading

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Pulp Pirate 20 – FC 95 Rich’s Chocolate Moon Pie

Flash Cast 95 – Rich’s Chocolate Moon Pie Back again! I’m glad the Flash Pulp mob are getting back on track – so much so that I’m already a week … Continue reading

February 6, 2014 · 2 Comments

The Old Angel Nottingham – Horrifying Valentine’s Day Poster

What’s Wrong With This Poster? This is how the Old Angel pub in Nottingham are advertising their Valentines’ Day event: Die Die My Darling (With a picture of a skeleton … Continue reading

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