About Me


Somewhat geeky father of two beautiful cats, but also…

Improviser, compere, quintarch & graphic designer at MissImp: Improv Comedy Theatre Nottingham.

Creative mentor – using improv and writing to bring out the best in people.

Proofreader and master of ebook conversion.

Storyteller and occasional scribbler of words about beers, whisky, books, films, Lego, Transformers (and other things made of plastic).

Former Publishing Coordinator at Angry Robot, and soon to begin a new thrilling job!

Nick Tyler lives quietly, domestically in Nottingham but emerges at night to weave words with aggressive whimsy. He can be found spinning violently comic pirate stories and other short weird fiction and poetry as Captain Pigheart. Interspersed amongst the ramblings may be articles on mental health, Lego, reviews of things and other stuff.

He can also be spotted bounding about on stage with MissImp, Nottingham’s improvised comedy group collecting laughs for being clever, quick-witted and grotesque. Funny and funny looking? Yes.
Book nut, cat lover and moustache waxer.

Writing: captainpigheart.com | @captainpigheart | @shankanalia (occasional super-short poetry)

Comedy: missimp.co.uk | @missimp_notts


  1. Sir.

    We met at worldcon75. I’m the guy with endless supply of Finnish chocolate. And i have a plan.

    Scifi musical in dublin 2019

    Are you in?

  2. The Jeff Noon signing was a What The Eff moment for me, there is a lotta weirdy out there. Woohoo! It seems to be focussed in the north and I live in Surrey, now I can survive, knowing you all exist.

    1. Excellent! Glad you enjoyed the launch. It’s a real pleasure to introduce Jeff and let him do his stuff. The north is always full of cool stuff, though Jeff now lives in Brighton (the traitor).

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