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About Me

Nick lives happily detached from reality, in a largely imaginary domestic world of cats, science fiction & fantasy, LEGO, and occasionally wins at Nanowrimo. He’s fond of craft beer, whiskey, movies and books. 

Web admin and graphics guy on the exec team for MissImp: Improv Comedy Nottingham. Also heads up the Smash Night Social Club and plays in The Improvised Star Wars Show.

Publishing Coordinator at Aconyte Books, doing all manner of web and book stuff, creating extraordinary novels from the amazing worlds of Asmodee and Marvel. 

We Are What We Overcome
We Are What We Overcome – the podcast

A podcast about mental health and the value of talking about it. Featuring a psychotherapist, a musician, and an improviser.




MissImp: Improv Comedy Theatre
MissImp: Inprovised Comedy Theatre

Nottingham’s improv comedy community, performing and teaching this ridiculously fun artform since 1998. Weekly drop-in at Malt Cross and regular shows at The Angel, Nonsuch Studios, Nottingham Playhouse and beyond…



Aconyte Books
Aconyte Books

Aconyte BooksFiction imprint of global gaming octopus, Asmodee, creating amazing stories from the glorious worlds of Asmodee, Marvel, and beyond. 


Under the Crossbones

Nick Tyler is a pirate fan, Lego nut, writer, and comedian out of Nottingham, England. And his Captain Pigheart stories are a treat for any (adult) pirate fan. Not for the kiddies. But absolutely hilarious.
Nick and I go everywhere in this conversation: pirates, comedy, writing techniques, Lego, Transformers… This one’s a thousand miles wide. 🙂

Under The Crossbones is a podcast all about pirate culture. Your host Phil Johnson (comedian, musician, and pirate geek) interviews the most interesting people in the pirate subculture: Actors, Authors, Historians, Musicians, Artists, Festival Founders, Clothing and Prop Designers, Treasure Hunters, Archaeologists, and more.

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