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21st Century Pirate

Gaaargh, this be an advertisin’ for me lad Sean O’Reilly an’ ‘is piratical scribin’s what ye can be findin’ an’ buyin’ by clickin’ ye electronical cursor here.
This be a tale o’ real-life piracy on ye open seas. ‘Tis a trove o’ the excitin’ adventures of Sean and his buccaneer crew as they evade ye police and cruise blithely-like into illegal waters. Scribed with a snap in ‘is pen, the absurdity o’ drug-runnin’ turns into a fast-paced account, like Carl Hiaasen in Howard Marks’ body. A pirate’s sailin’ be rarely smooth, and this lad recounts the hot water he finds ‘imself in as openly as the victories. There be splashes o’ socio-political commentary to spice up the feast what’ll have ye ravin’ against the insanity of it all and more than enough personal feelin’ to have ye rootin’ for the heroes. What with sea-beasties, suitably odd crewmen, runnin’ from the law and the joys o’ sailin’, yarr, this be a book to read on any pirate’s deck. Support the ganja-pirates, fight the man, cry ‘Yarrr!’ and buy this book!

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