Get piracy in your ears

Allow me to hijack ye aural canal

Ho there mates. As ye know, ye captain’s tireless in filling me time with diversions both trivial and rum-oriented. In particular this week has been prodding at the music website ye may know as Reverbation. Tis a place o’ no little joy. I’ve had much fun readin’ me yarns live at Pub Poetry and at The Maze, but there’s vast gaps between opportunities for a lazy fellow such as meself. That said I’ll be babblin’ at the Upload Music Festival at The Rescue Rooms on Saturday 31st March and the Nottingham roller-derby team The Hellfire Harlots have been kind enough to book me for one of their events at the end of April. So in the meantime I thought it might be fun to share me tales with ye in their natural format – straight into ye ears. It might lack a certain amount o’ alcohol and the boisterous atmosphere of ye tavern but hopefully ye’ll forgive me simply drinking alone.

Reverbin’ about ye brain

Ye site’s a place o’ music promotion and allows musicians and spoken word ‘artists’ (I struggle to descrive meself as an artist without self-mocking chucklery) to stick songs and audio boblets up on the web for your enjoyment. If ye fancy checkin’ it out, mayhap becoming a fan and even sharing it with ye pals I’ll be ever in ye drinking debt. There’s also a vast array o’ quality music on there too, so ye should explore and find a tune to fit ye mood.

Locate ye captain’s ramblings:

Captain Pigheart on Reverbnation

Ye can also listen to the Cold Cold Night Adventure with this fancy button right here:

Victory for pirate-kind

So far I’ve uploaded The Orthodontic Odyssey (as heard on the oft praised Flash Pulp) and A Cold, Cold Night Adventure. Expect more to follow! I’ve no idea whether this is a good plan or not, but ye thought’s’ll be appreciated as always. Mayhap we could try a Read-Along-With-Ignatius for them as wish to *cough* improve their piratical accent…

Also, and givin’ me a certain amount o’ pleasure is that I’m currently ranked #1 in the UK National Spoken Word charts. Admittedly tis by virtue o’ bein’ but one of only four or five UK spoken word artists on ye site…

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