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Turtles of Doom!

A blast from the Captain’s past

The third tale I ever wrote down (under the Captain’s keen and rum-filled eye) was The Chelonian Adventure. It’s a sweet tale of lost pirates being menaced by a giant turtle. There are some of my favourite characters in it, such as Kanagawa, he of the mysterious East and an early pre-No Handedness version of the ever-popular No Hands Mick. I like it, but I’d never done an illustration for it. RESOLVED! Hope you like it.

Hark! Can ye hear the turtle’s moan?

As an added bonus, when binging with my new microphone I persuaded the Cap’n to record it for ye aural benefit. It’s always been a fun one to read at events, so hopefully you’ll adore it. That’s here too:

All the tales so far on Reverbnation

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