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Shankistry – the poetry of vomiting anger

Ah such fun, spewing bile into the endless depths of the internet. It’s good for the soul, probably. Sure, some people think you should hold it all in, tight to the inside of your ribcage until you feel like screaming. Then you find that you are screaming, holding a knife or a gun to the head of someone whose innocence is questionable. Far, far better to unleash it through face or fingers as immediately as possible.

There’s a special joy in being angry and bending it into vicious words. Such fun. Even better when people you know get paranoid and wonder if the poems are about them. They’re not (*whispers* “they are”).

Maybe you won’t enjoy them – that’s fine, don’t worry about it. To be honest I don’t really want to have to write them.

If you fancy you can follow @shankanalia on Twitter too, or just wait for the ‘collected works’ to turn up here.

Retarded swarm
Idiotic aggregation
Of waste flesh
Browsing mindlessly
Bags as full as heads are empty
Cretinous mass.

Jumped Up Temp
You do my job;
I’ll do yours.
You don’t have a job,
So I’ll do them both.
Revolutionary plan,
Master of the scam.
Why don’t you go?

Catching Up
Why won’t you die?
Too stupid to grasp
Your unwinding organs,
Too stupid to see your puddling blood.
Can your stupidity transcend flesh death?

Strategic Assessment
Fuck you and fuck your stupid plan.
An insult to intelligence
You make me want to weep
Tears of punch and steel
Revisions of blood:

Pen Pals
BABBLING fuck-waddle.
Your email
Of blithering inconsequence
Fills me with dread.
Your purpose is uncertain,
Plagued with doubt,
Yet you forge on.

Team work
Random action!
Let’s do some stuff,
Let’s all cook,
Let’s all paint,
Let’s just do whatever we think
What a fucking mess.
Nice paint cake.

Mysteries of Management
You, you’re just some guy
I don’t know why
You’re talking to me
It’s clear
To me
You don’t know what you’re doing
So why, oh why must I comply?

Making Friends
I don’t think I trust you.
Ow what’s that?
It’s your knife
In my back.
I don’t trust you.

Victim mentality
Criminal stupidity
Persecution complex
Attitudinal mess
Freak out and blame the rest
Your enemy’s the inside of your head

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