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The Pirates! In An Adventure with Scientists!

Ye Weekend

There are many fine things to look forwards to this weekend (improv show at Glee, Upload Music Festival, pre-birthday preparations for my beloved) but there’s also this…

The Pirates! In An Adventure with Scientists!

Pirates? In a film?

Yes indeed, if you haven’t been reading the fantastic pirate stories of Gideon de Foe then you really need to catch up sharpish. The Pirates! In An Adventure with Scientists! is only one of many witty, whimsical, silly and swashbuckling adventures he’s written. The Pirate Captain is a splendid fop, obsessed with his lush beard and ham. I heartily recommend them. They are definitely my kind of pirates, though there is somewhat less whoring than with Captain Pigheart. And now it’s a film! Made by the geniuses at Aardman who brought us Wallace & Gromit this is going to be amazing. They’ve rammed it with a chorus of voice cast including Hugh Grant, Salam Hayek, David Tennant and Brian Blessed. Gaaargh!


Count my excitement in falling limbs

I amthat excited. This will happen on Sunday. I’ll update you on how amazing it is next week. You – go and see it.


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