Mutiny and Mayhem! Pirates and Roller Derby

Gaargh! Ye captain’s thrilled to have been invited to guest compere for The Hellfire Harlots at the Nottingham Roller Derby team’s next Sailor Jerry Launch Party on Saturday 28th April at The Navigation.

I quote at ye from the event rather than spin fresh words instead:

The Hellfire Harlots present Mutiny & Mayhem launching our partner….ship with our 2012 sponsor the wonderful Sailor Jerry!

For your listenin’:
Trioxin Cherry
For your viewin’:
Burlesque by Betty Jane
and our special guest compere telling his tales of the sea: Captain Pigheart.

Also on the night we will have candy floss, stalls and more. Come and meet Nottingham’s mens Roller Derby team the Super Smash Brollers and sign up for some roller derby action!
Buy your tickets in advance and be entered into our prize draw to win (what else!?) a delicious bottle of Sailor Jerry Rum.

Tickets are £4
Special discount for roller girls and guys – just quote your derby name, number and league for £3.50 entry!

Get your tickets in advance here:
Roller Boys and Girls:

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