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Pulp Pirate 8

Audio Mumblings

Gaargh, a short while ago I bought a fancy new microphone recording contraption and have been cheerfully allowing it to hoover up me word noises. Most of it’s going on the reverbnation.com\captainpigheart page but such is the fun and greatness of Flash Pulp I thought it would be cool to sort of premiere the stories in their Flash Casts whenever they find a gap to fill in their diverse schedule. Well here’s the next one:

Flash Cast 58 – Baconnaise

Pour Baconnaise in ye ears now: 

So this week The Stowaway Adventure joined the usual pulp magazine format of film and fiction discussion and the increasingly slickly produced segments such as The New York Minute, A Spot of Bother, Colorado Joe, Three Day Fish, Horrible Histories and the Doc Azrael serial (they vary week to week) for the pulp listeners. This week also features a live taste testing of the eponymous Baconnaise and the round up of The Hunger Games book club.



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