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She stood at the top of the stairs, tall and glamorous. Her fur coat snapped and howled at the light fittings, her long blonde hair danced in the breeze from the open window.

Then the drug took effect. The air shimmered about her like a haze of heat rising from the sultry street. The foxes snaked around her,  their heads diving through and out again like worms through an apple. Her already long fingers lengthened, the nails twitching into talons.

The light bulbs exploded, showering her in a fine glass rain. Out of the fresh darkness came a deep moan, and a growl. Her paws descended the staircase with a soft step and click of claw.

I stepped back behind the curtain and activated the twilight-sight. The gloom became a blue efflorescence as the device drew on the magical energy in the room and gave me a clear view of my love.

Magnificent. Nine feet at the shoulder, her fine features drawn into a toothy snarl, the fur coat’s animals a Medusa swirl of sinous foxy tentacles.

She click-clacked across the foyer and nosed open the front door of our home. The hunt was on.

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