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The Triffic Adventure – now with sound!

Ahar mates – I keep forgettin’ to remind ye that I’ve been recording me tales on a ball o’ twine and a magnetic banana for ye listening pleasure, should you be too busy or lazy to read. This is me tribute to one of the finest science fiction authors, the wonderful John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris – a lengthy but worthy name for so fine an author.

And so – ye may listen to  The Triffic Adventure,  or read it below:

Gaargh, I awoke from a night o’ disturbin’ dreams. We’d been swiggin’ vodka for a change, since takin’ it off Danish merchants just after dawn. Me final memory o’ that night were haulin’ Billy aboard after ‘e leapt from the bow to catch a shootin’ star. Yarr, all night the sky’d been full o’ light streakin’ down as if aimin’ for the giant crabs crawlin’ across ye sea-bed. ‘Twere pretty, like a rainbow on fire, though technically it boded ill for us all. Read more

The Adventures of Captain Ignatius Pigheart

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