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This week, Tuesday 28th August 2012

Wedded to the Wise

Okay, so I’m a couple of days behind this week. I’m placing the blame squarely on my little brother. It was a beautiful and unconventional wedding on Saturday – very nicely sited in a field on top of a hill. The weather was incredibly generous and we only had the downpour much later in the evening. Brilliant. That’s been the main wipe-out of the weekend, since Sunday was then filled with mind-grinding hangover (which is my own fault for alternating bourbon with my Dad’s exquisite homebrewed clone of Brew Dog’s 5AM Saint) and climbing up trees to unwind miles of fairy lights.

I then slept for eleven hours on Monday and “wasted” the day at the cinema with The Expendables 2 (terrible and hilarious – Stallone looks like he’s about to have a heart attack). In the evening I popped out to the Story Club at The City Gallery and read The Peninsula Creature.

Oh yeah, and I forgot that I also spent the whole week (when not further wasting time at work) frantically nailing together a special wedding speech for Tim. He got The Blundering Buccaneer which I’ll share with you tomorrow. It followed my Dad’s speech in the lovely Indian restaurant (Jee Jar Jee’s) in Burton on Trent where we had the wedding breakfast/curry. It went down really well! Very surprising for lots of folk and many of them said very lovely things about the story later. It’s great to be able to lyrically mock your brother to everyone’s approval.

This week’s scribbles

WednesdayThe Blundering Buccaneer. The romantic-ish tale of me brother, Timothy Seasbuttock and Susie Saltheart.

Friday: Eric the Bewildered Weasel part 3. More of chapter one – time to introduce some more of the woodland characters and mix in some danger.

Round Up of Last Week

21st August: Twinned With Evil Part 1 – the first part of a tale of a city consumed by evil.

22nd August: Pulp Pirate 12 – I’m back on Flash Pulp’s weekly Flash Cast, this time with The King’s Cross Entertainment with Franklyn de Gashe.

23rd August: Eric the Bewildered Weasel 2 – continuing the ‘introduce the main characters’ bit – this time The Mystic Hedgehog.

Events and Excitement

Exciting stuff coming up in Nottingham:

MissImp in Action – Friday 31st August at The Glee Club 8.30pm (not free, but cheap!)

Pub Poetry – Monday 24th September at The Canalhouse 8pm FREE

The Pirate Coves – Thursday 27th September at The Golden Fleece 8pm FREE



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