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Short Film: Punchline and Pirate Haiku

Preamble Blurbling

This short film and collection of poetry may not appear to be related, but bear with me.

Many years ago (it feels like it) I studied Philosophy at Nottingham University (I was and remain a dreadful student of any subject) which was certainly interesting if not remotely useful. A very nice chap was also in many of my lectures, and happens to now live in the same town near Nottingham that I do. We’ve bumped into each other in Sainsbury’s now and then. My other half (Marilyn) wandered along to the meeting of Nottingham Shooting People and lo – the world was smaller once again. Short story made long, Steve remembered himself to me via Marilyn and just after Christmas was kind enough to get in touch through MissImp and send me a cool book. What a nice man. This is a very late thank you! The least I can do is share one of his films with you:

Punchline by Steve Deery

Steve Deery‘s a busy fellow and member of the Shooting People network. He’s a writer/producer/director/odd job man of numerous short films. This Punchline .

Find out more about Steve and his films and Shooting People here:

Pirate Haiku by Michael P Spradlin

This is a lovely little book (I like square and odd-format books) which is filled with charming little poems, which are allegedly the work of a real life pirate. They’re very funny and typically sharp.

I’m amusing myself by picking the book up every now and then and scoring me a few hits of pirate poetry. Brilliant.

You can read more about the author here:

And buy it here

The lad’s got a fine piratey voice on him too:

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