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Shankerrific – Poems of Despair

Shankanalia 11It’s not that I’m an especially bitter or negative person, but I am severely troubled by the blind incompetence and stupidity of others. That inability to perceive the world around oneself, to reflect, to empathise is just terrifying. Not having those abilities must be wonderful – the world is just a series of errors that only you can resolve. They must feel superhuman – time for the roof test I think.

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Shankerrific – Poems of Despair

The Terms Of Your Demise
Strangulation is too good for you.
Don’t wanna stop you breathing,
Wanna steal your breath-
Put it to a better purpose
Than flapping your lips.

There’s nothing wrong with stabbing your staff,
Stabbing your staff.
Cut ’em, slice ’em, dice ’em
Find some fat then chuck it out
Got owt left?

The Idea Of You
Made of sticks,
Made of stones;
A horrible jumble of broken bones.
Fading will,
Weeping soul;
My words
Are all that hurts me.

Just get some numbers.
We need some numbers.
They’ll show us the facts.
How many numbers?
What do you want?
Just some, just do it.

Just Don’t Do It: an inspiration
Don’t innovate,
Don’t think,
Don’t fix,
Don’t remember
That it’s all your fault.
Close that gate –
You waited too late.

A Polite Request
What a fucking clusterfuck
Of mother-fucking fucks.
For fucking fuck’s sake,
Can’t you fucks
Fuck up some other fucker’s day?
Fuck’s sake.

Underwhelming Performance
To me,
Already you were the lowest
In my esteem.
Seems you’ve dug a basement
With your incompetence shovel;
Sub-human fucktotage.

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