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Shankistine – Pure Poetry Rage

Shankanalia 12Once more unto the scream dear friends once more. There is unceasing cause for anger I’m afraid. I’m almost certain it’s not just me – the whole world seems filled with idiocy and a pressing mass of mobile meat too busy sweating and blundering to use their minds. It’s a shame really. The most recent cause of extreme annoyance is the ever-enraging eBay, more specifically the sellers who lurk therein (don’t even get me started on the fuckwits who place a bid on an already reasonably-priced Buy It Now, and thus ruin it for everyone, leading to a final price of sixty quid more than it would have gone for).

It’s the term ‘vintage’ which is a real thing and is almost the opposite of ‘new’. I direct you to the 19,204 items labelled ‘New Vintage’ explicitly as well as the overall 2,109,630 items using both ‘new’ and ‘vintage’ in their descriptions. That is self-evidently incorrect, misleading – in fact a lie. How I hate these people. I really want to spend a day sending each seller a message about their deceptive stupidity. I ought to do something like gardening instead I suppose.

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Shankistine – Pure Poetry Rage

Twinkle Twinkle Little Wall
I want to kick your face so hard
It’s in the fucking wall.
Brick you up and plaster you in,
Your weak screaming
Will be my lullaby…
Happy dreaming.

Another Use For You
The purifying burn
Of icy blisters
Chilling your worthless flesh.
Iced up,
Packed up,
Better as meat
To stuff in a penguin.
Maybe you’ll please them.

Certificate of Achievement
There’s something
About the words you utter
That makes me think
That you’re a nutter.
Novel interpretations
Enable certification
Of you: twat.

It’s Everything About You
I’m sorry, I have to kill you now.
You’re too dumb to live:
The words you use,
The face you make,
The sound of your breath
Must be expunged
From the world.

I See *People*
My eyes have turned against me,
Rolled back inside my head,
Projecting out my inner thoughts,
On the whole world upside down.
Lots of people dead.

Pen Pal
Thanks for your note.
I read it with interest,
Wondering what you could have meant.
The words are misshapen
Meaning varies
From the real.

Just Pitch In Why Don’t You
Thanks for your contribution.
I’m glad you feel you can help-
For your self esteem I mean.
If you understood
The contribution you’d made,
You’d be quieter.

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