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Stuff in the Post: Skinner Co Pendant!

Look What I Got In The Post!

I like getting post, as long as it isn’t just bills and statements: they mostly go straight in the shredder. Sometimes I even open them first. It’s also the joyous season of the catalogue so we’re getting some quality gazing-at-tat time too. Today I got a lovely scuffed envelope from far off Canadia. With no explanation or note I found it held a magical pendant with a mystical symbol. It called to me from beyond the envelope of time and our universe; a voice without crooning to me in my mind; the metallic weight in my palm drawing me down into the unbridled madness of occult lore…

SkinnerCo Pendant_SM

The Magic Of Flash Pulp

It is of course the dashing new logo for Skinner Co, that unfeasibly prolific, dynamic and creative force operating from the dark heart of Canada. Between Jessica May, Opoponax and JRD Skinner they produce the only podcast in which I listen to every episode – Flash Pulp. There they present tales of pulp fiction – mystery, crime, zombie horror and more, all weaving into one complex tale that’s now over 340 episodes long!

If you haven’t indulged in their realm of wonder you’re a fool, or simply didn’t know about it, in which case you’re a fool for not sensing it psychically through the void. Can you not hear their whispers?

They have also spawned a delightful network of fans and associates, The Flash Mob. I’ve been very happy to contribute to the weekly FlashCasts with the odd story or two. I’ve been away for a little while with too much work and improv business and I’m gagging to get back in with the mob.

This was a lovely reminder that I’m still in the Mob! Thank you guys!

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Even Merly is faintly interested in my post:

Merly Cuddle Bundle_SM

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