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Shankchism – The Gash of Angry Poetry

Shankanalia 9Life seems to be brimming with an excess of stresses at present. Partly it’s just so damned busy, which sure is a good thing – it’s nice to have stuff to do, but I do crave those times when we never went out at all and just hid in a cave behind a book, randomly pasting pictures onto things.

Never mind, the primary stresses now are work-related and that’s no surprise since the government in their limited wisdom, selfishness, greed and outright idiocy are tearing apart the organisation I work for. Typically they’re doing it with pitiful planning and forethought. It makes one left not really knowing if there will be a job to be had in six months time. Ho hum.

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Shankchism – The Gash of Angry Poetry

The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Full of Fire
Fuck you,
You arrogant thoughtless twat.
Excavate your face with a mashed up phone.
Bright idea?
Fucking twat, we’re well past that.
Keep up…

Balancing Acts
I’m too busy to do that thing that you need
That you’re doing for me
Instead of your work.
Out to lunch
In body and mind.
Oh well I guess fuck all is fine.

Precisely Similar
Like for like.
Except it’s not
Like for like.
Like, it’s like-
But not very like,
Like it was.
Likely, you’ll like it;
I don’t like it, like it is.

Operational Effectiveness
Nothing ever simply works:
Too hard for a working thing
To do what it should.
Like a person:
Useless dead thing.

We All Wear Masks
Your face requires removal
Staple it to my fist,
And hit you
With your own face.
Knuckle lips
And fingernail eyes
Thumb your nose.

I Offer You My Fist, Sir
To punch is much too nice;
To gouge a treat.
Stabbing’s a generosity
You’d don’t deserve.
E’en an evisceration
Scarce matches your execrability.

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