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This week, Monday 28th October 2013

So All Back To Normal Then?

FootsWell, no not really. Last week still felt very much as if it was about Colin. Obviously there was the funeral and memorial service on Tuesday which certainly occupied my thoughts for all of the weekend and Monday and Tuesday. I did enjoy the wake in particular though – it was wonderful to see so many people celebrating Colin’s life. It was also nice to see some family members I haven’t seen or spoken to in quite some time; I suppose it’s sad that it takes these events to bring people together.

I haven’t done a whole lot with the rest of the week… well, not in my mind anyway. We’ve seen some films, did a show on Friday, then Knickerbocker Glorious on Saturday and been out for several bouts of drinks. So… I guess we’ve actually done quite a lot!


♥ Scribbles of time and space

*Sigh* life hasn’t quite snapped back to itself yet, so I did fail to do more last week than post the most recent chapter of The Desert Crystals. Maybe it will take slightly longer to get myself back together. I don’t yet know what I’m going to get up to this week…

In Memory: Sadness and Laughter – thoughts on the funeral of my uncle, Colin Barnfather.

The Desert Crystals – Part 24 “The Taste of Light” – freshly escaped from the monsters in the sky, a moment of peace can be hoped for.

Last Week:

The Desert Crystals – Part 23 “Vanishing Distance” It can be hard to get perspective high above the clouds.

Updates on my thrilling life


I feel shame that I haven’t been building… I did acquire the Colby City Showdown at a decent price however while tootling around book and toy shops in Derby on Saturday. I had hoped to build it, but I was exhausted and stared at things on Saturday night until falling asleep… Next weekend!

Improv Comedy

Our improv beginners were marvellous on Monday – they are not only really rather entertaining to observe and assist, but have proven themselves to be legendarily fine distraction of a Monday evening during this rather trying time. Thanks guys!

Last week’s jam was my attempt to impart some love of Shakespearean styles as passed on to me at The Maydays Residential Improv Festival in September. I focussed on getting the feel of iambic pentameter into our heads and mouths. It went well – people said strange and beautiful things.

MissImp in Action! We’re still experimenting with a mixed show format and personally I’m getting a lot out of it. It’s reignited a pleasant sensation of excitement and anticipation with not quite knowing how it will go. This month Parky led us into an initial half hour of shortform games (I only played a splendid Should Have Sung with Parky about running a human hair emporium, y’know, for cloning and such) followed by Newsshite which offered opportunities for German soldiers, hellish imps, French film voiceover and much more. We need to tighten it up a bit but I’m digging the variety. The second half started with my beloved Unspeakable Acts – the audience selected Pretty Woman for us to abuse. And we did… pipe smoking financiers, magicians and a prostitute with a prosthetic leg with spring-loaded toes. Enormous fun. We finished with a round of short form games and an evil, impossible Party Quirks that utterly blew my mind.

I was very conscious afterwards that Colin wasn’t there, which made me feel very sad. I felt it was a really strong show for me and I’d have loved for him to see it. I can take some comfort in how much he enjoyed our ludicrous version of Jaws a few months ago.

Events and Excitement

Monday 28th October

Mayhem Improv Monday – The Show

Mayhem Monday

A brand new show featuring a mix of shortform and longform sketches from Nottingham’s up and coming improv talent.

The Corner
8 Stoney Street
(off Broad Street)

8.00pm – FREE

Thursday 31st October 2013

Cabaret XXXI

An evening of fine food, Prohibition cocktails and roaring Cabaret entertainment

The Lacehouse
Stoney Street


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