Unspeakable Acts – Theatre on Bath Salts – Tuesday 19th November 2013

I love this show format, it’s the most fun I have on stage. We start with the script of a film or play as our scene inspiration and rapidly go off script (and rails). Recently I played the hooker with a prosthetic leg and spring-loaded toes from ‘Pretty Woman’. You remember that bit right? Anyway – this is tomorrow!

Improvised Comedy Theatre Nottingham

Unspeakable Acts_SQ

Unspeakable Acts – A Deadly Mind Trip into Theatre

We bring you a mutant hybrid of scripted drama and improvised comedy – taking the best / worst of Hollywood and showing you the film that plays out when our improvisers get their kaleidoscopic brains on it.

The players will begin performing a scripted play chosen by the audience; as the show progresses, the script is distorted, violated and abandoned. In its place we will create a new narrative, a squalid perversion of the playwright’s intentions or a beautiful butterfly made of broken dreams.

Challenging, deviant, endlessly inventive and surprising. Oh – and funny. Funny is important too.

Tuesday 19th November
7.30pm – £4
The Corner
8 Stoney Street
(off Broad Street)

**Bring your own drinks (yes, including alcofrolickal ones) and a jumper**


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