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It’s Getting Damned Christmassy In Here

Christmas Begins

I adore Christmas. I like the presents, the decorations, the two weeks of hardly seeing anybody… It’s all rather lovely. The first important step is acquiring a tree. Last year we were really late doing this because our kitchen was being refitted and it cut the whole sense of Christmassiness rather short. No such delays this year I’m happy to report

I took off at lunchtime today to find us the perfect wood lump to die in our living room over the next month. Beeston is cheerily packed with folk flogging firs so it only took me twenty minutes of cycling up and down the High Road humming and hawing to make up my mind. We only have a little house so we can’t get a giant beast of a Triffid, but nor do we want something incapable of carrying the weight of lights and tat we intend to drown it in.

Victory Over The Forest

There is a further restriction – it must be possible to strap it onto my bicycle. I cannot be bothered to drag the thing, and frankly it amuses me to tie it to my bike and then cycle home.

It’s a slightly risky prospect and draws both horrified and admiring looks from passersby. I can assure they and you that we did indeed get home safely and intact. She is now happily installed in our living room. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


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