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Awesome Things: 2 Films – Fist of Jesus and Two Fingers: Vengeance Rhythm

Shorter Is Better

Over the weekend I caught two amazing short films. As ever I’m about a million years behind the crest of the cool wave, but that means I shall land on the flapping suffocated corpses of all those who ride it well. Both are rather gruesome and gory and if you don’t like that sort of thing I can guarantee you won’t like these films at all. According to the cool people I know, these were both included in the Mayhem Horror Films Festival at the Broadway Cinema last year.
2 Awesome Films

Fist of Jesus


The title is instantly delighting and the rest of the film rises to it well. I love zombie movies and low budget high-gore action. This reminds me very much of Peter Jackson’s awesomely fun and gory first film Bad Taste as well as The Evil Dead. The tale is a simple one, offering the only sensible story behind Jesus’ raising of Lazarus from the dead. It is hugely over the top and the zombie violence is seemingly never-ending. It’s still rare to get a film that’s better than the book it’s based on, but Fist of Jesus nails it (to a cross). The fish-throwing, spine sword (a bit Nightwatch that), screaming and the final line all made this the best thing I watched all Saturday.

Two Fingers – Vengeance Rhythm

Technically this is a music video (admittedly for a banging drum and bass tune) but it far outstrips the track. I’m not sure, but this might be even more disturbing than Fist. Only you can judge. It’s brilliantly filmed, the combination of stop motion and high speed slow motion creates some vivid imagery… I especially love the ending. It’s always struck me as really weird that we encourage kids to play with soldiers – the inevitable result is them killing their toys off and it would be naive to think that in kids’ heads the dead ones just lie down and go to sleep when they’ve been stabbed or peppered with a machine gun. This is exactly how I saw it in my mind when we executed the Decepticons for crimes against humanity.


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