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Drinking Diary On Pinterest

Just A Swift Pint

I struggle to remember what I did yesterday, let alone a month ago. Still less do I recall what delightful alcoholic beverages I might have imbibed and thus scrubbed from my mind.

I’ve also signed up with Beer52 who deliver a lovely box of somewhat unusual craft beers each month. They’re giving good beer, or at least are now.

The first few months had quite a few repeats, but what I’m after is stuff I can’t easily acquire myself. It’s better now!

If you fancy giving them a whirl you can use the link below to get yourself a tenner off your first box:


There’s a lot of IPA, which I guess reflects the current trends. I prefer darker beers, which I can get cheaper at B and M Bargains and Home Bargains. It’s a challenge for others to compete with 89p for a bottle of Innis and Gunn American Oak IPA.

There’s Nowhere To Keep The Bottles

So I’ve started a Pinterest board called Drunkled Beer. I’ve been adding empty bottles and occasional bargain victories for a couple of weeks now. If nothing else it’s a summary of gentle alcoholism and bargain hunting (mostly by the extraordinarily discerning and teetotal Lady M).

By all means follow it and commiserate with my internal organs. I only intend to pin each drink once, so if it looks rarely updated that’s because I’m drinking the same things!

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