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Meta-NaNoWriMo 2015 Day 30

It’s dea three of Naooorimooo

And it’s making me hyper… But, good progress so far – I hit 10,120 words today which is past the 10% mark, because I can’t do maths and is actually past the 20% mark as my other half pointed out which is a convenient fifth. I guess if I had had a target then I would be pleased to have reached it. Hell, I’m pleased.

The NaNoWriMo website gives me an amazing stats dashboard which I’m eagerly absorbing instead of writing more of my story. I’m well used to the idea of measuring instead of doing (that’s work!), and am innately suspicious of charts. It’s pretty cool though.

I rewarded myself last night by finishing off a little Lego MOC I’ve been working on. It looks reet nice. I’ll sort some proper pictures over the weekend.

Work Is A Pesky Distraction

I’m back at work now, so I’ve got the additional challenge of fitting a few thousand words into a work day. Typically I’d come home and lie on my face while pouring beer on the back of my neck. Today I came home and tappled furiously at the keyboard in two 30 minute bursts. I’d made use of my lunchtime to lock down and hammer out some stuff too, so I was ready to continue.

I’ve found that I’m writing until I reach a natural break in the story. I’m probably used to doing that in around a thousand words for The Desert Crystals, and I usually do that with a one hour timer. Good practice. But it’s instantly fucked up my strictish evening routine of knocking back some pills and winding down with a book. It hasn’t helped that the book I’m reading isn’t doing it for me at all: Drakenfeld by Mark Charan Newton. I don’t know if it’s too slow or what, but I ditched it at 2 o’clock this morning in favour of a rather hastily proofread but faster paced ebook I downloaded for free a couple of weeks ago: Sandfall by Neil Mosspark. It’s bounding along merrily.

So tonight – stop writing right about… now. Later.



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