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Gig Alert: Millions of Voices – The Improvised Star Wars Show – Friday 24 June 2016 – Nottingham Playhouse

The Force Is With You

This Friday we unleash the unknown stories of those lost on Alderaan. For what seems like forever, we’ve been rehearsing, performing and warming up for the only city that really matters – Nottingham. We’re splashing Star Wars all over the Nottingham Playhouse this Friday and it’s really quite exciting. Not only are we bringing the show I might love the most to town, but we’re supported by Rhymes Against Humanity – yet another brand new MissImp venture – our first musical improv team.

You should come!

Millions of Voices – The Improvised Star Wars Show
Friday 24th June
Nottingham Playhouse – Neville Studio
Wellington Circus
8.00pm – buy tickets online £8.00 / 7.00
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The Source Awakens

Martin, Parky and I came up with the idea while travelling back from Luton – an oddly inspiring escape. Once annihilated by the Death Star, the planet Alderaan is never referred to again in the Star Wars films, and is barely mentioned even in the Expanded Universe. We’re addressing that callous dismissal – this is ‘Episode IV.01 An Audience Suggestion’. We take just the subtitle as our suggestion from the audience and then provide about a hour of quality Star Wars related scenes and stories.
I’ve been having enormous fun doing the graphics. There have been many versions of the logo already. It’s brilliant just playing with the Star Wars fonts! I assume that one day I’ll settle on a logo…

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