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Oooh, so it’s been a little while since I posted anything. I’ve been a little busy, or busier than I used to be. So, along with my friends and family I have been neglecting you too. I am sorry.

Change Is Inexorable

Big life stuff has happened! Big for me anyway. Despite by loathing of change, I finally abandoned my long time place of work back in July. I have waved farewell to being a Performance Analyst (and many other things) and to the Probation Service, just as the country has done in privatising it, or rather to the Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland Community Rehabilitation Company (slick name). Goodbye ethics, quality and a hundred years of chaotic but generally pretty good work (it’s worth looking up the fuckadaisical nightmare that’s emerging). I do miss my colleagues, as for a long time they were the people for whom I went to work and felt deeply comfortable spending my days with. Over the last year or so though, as the various meaty lumps of Probation were tossed to the wolves, the blundering fuckwittedness of private enterprise has torn us apart and left the business bleeding under a bush, I wasn’t really with those people much anymore; many of them had been ejected, left, run away and so on. I’d also dropped to part time (which was brilliant) and so spent even less time with the gang I’d known for years. Eventually even more idiotic re-structuring appeared (we all know you can stitch a carcass back together) , with the threat of abysmal management and possibly working in Birmingham (to which we say “fuck no” as a chorus) and a mate just happened to post a job opportunity on Facebook…
angry-robotI’ve never thought much about what I want to do in life; I have few dreams or ambitions. I don’t know if that’s terribly sad, or that I’m simply content with my fairly quiet life. Ho hum. Anyway, I applied, got an interview, had a lot of fun babbling in that interview and was then offered the job. That gave me the whole floating incandescent sensation of change and possibility – at once nauseating and exciting. I went for it. Kind of on a whim, I’ll admit. But don’t it sound fancy: Editorial Assistant at Angry Robot? Yup, I find myself in publishing – back to full time employment in a whole new field!

Angry Robot

We publish sci-fi and fantasy books! They’re my favourite things, and all of our books I’ve read so far are great! I have access to hundreds of books – my ‘to read’ heap is now insurmountable. On the one hand the world of publishing is very new and scary (see above about not liking change…), and it’s new people and new stuff, but on the other I’m also doing a lot of data work – online, files, summaries and playing with new systems and a range of familiar IT-ish things. It does involve some things I would not normally consider work – going to conventions. I’ve been to Nine Worlds (August, London), but had much more fun with the whole UK team at FantasyCon by the Sea (September, Scarborough). I got to swim in the sea each morning, meet book people, see authors read, meet more cool people, and go out drinking with even more fabulous people.
bfs-award-penny-and-nickBrilliantly, on attending my first ever big con with my workmates we won an award – the British Fantasy Society – Best Independent Press, which I went to collect with our awesome Publicity Manager Penny! Here is a picture of how pleased we were.
I’m settling in I think, and although all new things involve vast waves of anxiety, I feel my rocky beach is resisting and growing… water-repellent? I think that metaphor has vanished up itself.


So yeah, mostly I’ve been getting used to a new job, and being too overloaded to think about anything else. Sorry. There’s been lots of improv as ever, many reading, not enough Legoing, and lots and lots of adoring our kitten Geiger. Obligatory Geiger photographs are the only pictures I take now… I’m gonna get back to bloggery, partly because I’ve got a tonne of wicked books (not just Angry Robot, I promise), films, TV shows and things to share, and also because I’d forgotten that I enjoy it. And – NaNoWriMo is right around the goddamn corner, waiting to pounce. I’m back in, though I have no idea for it, not one… See ya.

He is a crazy little dude

He is an arboreal pussy cat. That’s the tree he eats.

He’s just had his first birthday – look how much he’s grown!

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