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Talk Like A Pirate Day on Notts TV

We have a fantastic local digital TV channel called Notts TV, they do a great range of news and features, which you can watch on TV as well as on catchup and on the web. Fancy innit, this future world. For this year’s Talk Like A Pirate Day (September 19, in case you’ve forgotten this most hallowed of dates) I was invited onto Notts TV’s topical talk show, Notts Tonight by the splendid Merryn Rae Peachey. I was there mostly to teach them how to talk like pirates, so… I did.
The clip below is just the bit I’m in, but you should go and watch the whole programme too – they’ve got some rather inspiring athletes and this kickass beatboxer Alex MotorMouf. Check it out right here. What a lovely bunch, I’d love to return and talk some more.

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