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Gigs Aplenty: Improv Comedy Shows to Watch at Leicester Comedy Festival

Leicester Comedy Festival has arrived, crashing into 2024 will all the force of a rhino clutching a calendar shouting the time has come! It’s all cool stuff:

Unspeakable Acts

Wednesday 14 February, 7.30pm @ East Street Lanes

This is such a lot of fun to be in – we take a page from a screenplay and then with no further context, invent the story that must surely follow it. Very often half the cast has never seen the film, so there’s little risk of coming remotely close to retelling it accurately.

A cinematic folly! A real movie script reinvented as an absurd, unfaithful comedy spectacle. The improv show that starts with a real Hollywood screenplay before diverging wildly into a whole new story. The audience selects the film you most want to see mutilated and abandoned, and the team – who may never have even heard of it – will spin the tale. Absurd, unfaithful, funny and endlessly inventive, these are the stories we’ll never see on screen.

Book your tickets here:

This show is followed by the excellent double-bill of Comic Harmonic & Flower Freedom at 9pm – see both!


This is what one of our shows has been like before… it’s Fight Club!

It’s A Trap! The Improvised Star Wars Show

Friday 16 February, 7.30pm @ Sue Townsend Theatre

It’s hard to figure out which of the shows I’m involved in is my favourite, and I suppose like children they’re all my favourite… But creating a new Star Wars story is pretty high up there. Quite silly, but very good fun.

Book now:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

It’s A Trap! tells untold tales from the Star Wars universe, packed with Jedi, jokes and Jawas. A handful of audience suggestions creates a unique episode before your eyes – complementing and breaking the canon in unexpected and ingenious ways! Truly geeky, hilarious entertainment – this IS the show you’re looking for.

Nominated for Best Improv Show at Leicester Comedy Festival 2022

This show is improvised and we do not know what content will be created, we aim for the show to be 12A but we cannot guarantee that, sometimes the force works in mysterious (and rude) ways.

This one was chaos, with a small team and a (friendly) twat in the audience:

Mockbusters & Play It Again Double-Bill

Wednesday 21 February, 6.00pm at East Street Lanes

I’ve always loved short-form improv – the fun and silly games as seen on Whose Line Is It Anyway? and a million shows. We’re doing them as if it were a gameshow – scoring, winners, losers, and all of that good stuff. We’re followed by the exquisite improvised lounge singing duo Play It Again (you may recognise both of them from It’s A Trap!), and the show is followed by another fun double-bill, Enter Player 2 & Date Night at 7.30pm, finishing off with the excellent The Vox Pops at 9pm.

You can see all three shows for the price of two!

Or just the Mockbusters & Play It Again if you’re kinda busy:

Play It Again are immortal lounge performers, cursed to provide light entertainment forever! Give them your sultry suggestions, they’ll give you beautiful ballads and mesmerising musical pieces. Laugh and sing along as these eternal entertainers play it again, and again, and again…

Mockbusters are here to entertain you with a fun, fast paced improv gameshow. Come along and gift them with your presence, suggestions and help with scoring. Prepare to be both entertained by their enthusiasm and frustrated by their lack of knowledge.

Ersatz Natterjack: Spontaneous Storytelling Man-Machine

Friday 24 February, 8.30pm at Knight & Garter

This one’s just me! This is my first full-length solo storytelling show, and I’d love it if you came to watch me spin a story out of nothing but the air and a handful of words provided by the audience. For an hour!

Get your ticket here:

High-energy wordsmithing, spinning one-off stories inspired by the audience

One man and two books create an impossible story. With the support of the audience’s randomly selected words and phrases, enjoy a brand-new storytelling adventure inspired by the audience’s chosen genre. High energy vocabulary spinning like a human AI ingesting words and spitting out something never heard before.

It might be something like this…


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