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Occasional Poetry from @shankanalia

“I rarely write poetry of any kind, being possessed of only the crudest sense of the form. If it don’t rhyme I don’t get it. Well, I’m not that bad, but I’m not naturally inclined towards the stuff. When I am it tends towards the violent and odd. Judge for yourself. Some may in fact be songs. Apologies for the meanness of them if you don’t enjoy that sort of thing. Sometimes I wonder if I am in fact a “bad person”. Meh. This sort of gibbery is, I find, an excellent form of stress relief, and frankly it keeps me out of the cell which I feel would otherwise be my destiny. Thank goodness for Twitter and a degree of literacy.”

Love Shank
I made a love shank for you
From a toothbrush and glitter glue
From my lips (teeth) to your heart
Sparkly aorta
Sparkly aorta

There’s blood on the floor over here
There’s blood on the floor over there
There is blood on the floor
There is blood on the floor
There is blood on the floor
Instead of in you.

Rose Tinted Ocula
I stab you in the eyes
Looks like you are weeping
But you’re not weeping
The future’s rosy
But you are bleeding
Bleeding eyes
Like a fire in your eyes
A reflection of my pain
But in your own eyes
Burning light away
Burny eye-flame
Tears of gasoline

Oh hot fluttery butterflies of bibble-babble,
How you flipple and twist in the windy wind.
I hope your taffeta-pretty flappies don’t get stripped and nasty tatty.

Twice in the ribs and once in the spine,
~shank shank shank~
Gonna make you whine
And I’ll taste your pain.
(note awkward rhyme with ‘pine’)

More kinds of anguished rage-making can be found on Twitter under @shankanalia

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