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Shanktasm – The Derivation of Pleasure from Angry Poetry

I’ve been trying to figure out why I write poetry at all. I rarely write anything positive or life-affirming. It’s almost all aimed at wreaking havoc. Very sad. If I didn’t write it, I suspect I’d have to find creative uses for stationery.

Life can be stressful and is jam packed with stupidity and insistently, repetitively idiotic behaviour. Most of it can’t be challenged directly. Not without being fired. I strongly suggest you join in. If you feel like playing, tweet me @shankanalia and we’ll play hate tag.

Top tip: if you feel really angry in a meeting and don’t feel that you can safely or sensibly express that verbally, why not figure out how many of the items in the room can be used to kill the offending individual. It’s surprisingly calming.

You can follow @shankanalia on Twitter for live outbursts, and you can listen to some of the poems on

The Derivation of Pleasure from Angry Poetry

Burn At Both Ends
Burning with rage,
Fear-filled cunting candle of hate
Vaporising reason,
Vanishing wax of loathing
Fuelling a pain-streaky wick.
Irreducible Stupidity
Elegant convoluted obscurity
Confers no greater accuracy
Truth or wisdom
The truth is complex
But that’s not why it’s true.
You are simple.
Really, still talking?
The raving banality
Saps my will
Runs dry of tolerance
Leaves the rasping
Bark of rage.
Say something useful
Be silent.
House Styles
Why do you think
It’s more of a question
When you exaggerate
The punctuation??
It adds no more meaning than your
Whining inclining pronunciation.
You Got Skillz
Fuckadaisical lazy parasite twat
Failing even in failure
An immense burden of incompetence
You can’t even shoulder.
Overflow and drown us all.
Cancerous Words
Sinking dread
At the sound of your face
That retching gasp of imbecile drool
Unique wisdom caught and hacked up
With lungbuttery prophecy.
A Rare Talent
Painful awareness
Of your incompetence.
How simple
Can a thing be
To still elude you?
I know you’re unlettered,
But also stupid.

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