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This week, Monday 10th September 2012

Waking Up and Scribbling

Hurray – a successful week! Not in the work sense of course, but the far more important arena of doing the writing I wanted to. My plan was to write a story every morning Monday to Friday. I got four done and I’m going to count that as a success.

Not Much Else to Report

Other cultural activities from last week include a couple of trips to the cinema. First we saw the new Total Recall – it’s got all the Bladerunner aesthetic down nicely, but it’s entirely pointless. It does feature some nice action scenes and I was amused by ‘The Fall’ – the train thing that goes through the centre of the earth. At best they just rework some of the original scenes. Sadly they fail to get a decent extra twist out of it. Today we saw Lawless, which was much more fun and had a decent performance for Tom Hardy (most recently wasted as Bane). It’s a surprisingly funny and violent Nick Cave scripted prohibition film.

A Great Book

By far the best thing I’ve consumed this week was The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart by Jesse Bullington. Consistently vile, hilarious and compelling it’s a mediaeval adventure. This is one of the books I have most enjoyed for a long time. The characters are monstrous and bizarrely sympathetic and I cheered on the grave robbing brothers from bloody start to bloody finish. I especially enjoyed the brothers’ frequent theological discussions, which while absurd are precisely as absurd as any other theological debate. Monsters, witches, murders, crusades and quests. Brilliant. If you’re unjustly squeamish about language then you’ll find this a very unpalatable book though, so check your prude level before beginning.

This week’s scribbles

Tuesday:  We All Hate HR. The fourth of last week’s alphabetic tales – this one just briefly helps to explain how much I despise Human Resources departments.

Thursday: Shankalata. Some poetry from the vicious angry world of @shankanalia.

Round Up of Last Week

3rd September: The Flock of Fear Adventure – a pirate tale with a lesson about the dangers of feeding birds at sea

4th September: An Unfamiliar Touch – an alien encounter of the intimate kind.

5th September: The Bleeding Rose– steampunkish break-in to a floating castle of secrets.

Events and Excitement

Exciting stuff coming up in Nottingham:

MissImp in Action – Friday 21st September at The Glee Club 8.30pm (not free, but cheap!)

Pub Poetry – Monday 24th September at The Canalhouse 8pm FREE

The Pirate Coves – Thursday 27th September at The Golden Fleece 8pm FREE


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