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This week, Monday 17th September 2012

Muchas Distractiona

I’m most amused to follow a successful writing week with an abject failure of a week. Apologies in advance for the lack of novel scribblage. I’m being somewhat overtaken by work at the moment. I resent it bitterly but they do pay for me to live in a house and such. So I suppose I ought not to be too glum about it all. I shall be redoubling my efforts this week.

Nottingham Comedy Festival

The other distractions have largely been caused by preparations (or lack thereof) for the Nottingham Comedy Festival 2012 – I’ve got three shows, a spoken word night and two three hour workshops to cram in alongside work and life. So that’s going to be awesome – I hope to survive it. There’s also Teen Imps starting up soon (I’m teaching improv to the teenagers of Nottingham). It’s all very exciting and has required design time which has replaced writing time. Pff.

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Holy crap! I nearly forgot about TLAPD! Well gosh, I am missing it this year. Although I’ll be growling down the phone at work, I’ve no specific events lined up in pirates’ honour. I figure I do pirating every day, not just once a year. But I’ll be re-posting a load of stories all day so you’ll get a chance to re-read pirate tales from years ago.

This week’s scribbles

Tuesday:  Twinned With Evil – part 2. The ruined city returns – this time, a look at its past.

Wednesday: a massive link to my pirate stories so you can massively overdose on piracy!

Thursday: Eric The Bewildered Weasel part 4. And why not? Let’s see if it’s starting to become less bewildering for the poor animals yet.

Round Up of Last Week

11th September: How We Hate HR – my 25th alphabetic story. This one’s mainly about HR being dicks. Can you imagine?

13th September: Shankalata – Tasting the Hate Verse – some more lovely bitter poetry.

Events and Excitement

Exciting stuff I’m doing coming up in Nottingham:

MissImp in Action – Friday 21st September at The Glee Club 8.30pm
Pub Poetry – Monday 24th September at The Canalhouse 8pm FREE
Mission Improbable – Wednesday 26th September at Create Theatre 7.30pm
The Pirate Coves – Thursday 27th September at The Golden Fleece 8pm FREE
Introduction to Improv Comedy – Saturday 29th September at Spanky Van Dykes 1pm


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