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Shankalamadingdong – the Joy of Angry Poetry

All Of You

Shankanalia12I’ve had a good few days in the last fortnight when I could cheerfully have killed everyone I’ve ever met, followed by myself. I would have been equally content doing it the other way round. It’s not a marvellous state to be in. The sheer internal vibrations threaten to shake a fellow to pieces.

Thank goodness there’s whiskey, and sleep and occasional poems.

I’m genuinely baffled that there aren’t more killing sprees and general outbursts of insanity from people pushed to the edge of their tolerance zone. It probably speaks well of us that we usually manage to cram it down inside into self-loathing instead. Yeah, that’s ace.

Anger management tip of the week

If someone (or the world) makes you really angry, just reflect on the fact that one day they’ll all be dead.

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The Joy of Angry Poetry

It’s Good That We Had A Chance To Talk
You know what?
Fuck you.
That’s the apology you’re due.
Fuck you.
It reflects my contempt,
And disregard
For your bullshit.
Fuck you.

If I could punch you hard enough
I’d smash apart your genome.
Watch you shatter,
And meld.
Chimeric retardation-
Scream and wail.
Finger eyes.

King Of The Hill
You’re an apex fuckwit,
Dumber than all the rest,
Squatting on
Your mountain of moron bones.
Empty skulls
Witless gaping
Stupid to the marrow.

Seeing The Difference
I wanna stab you people in the eyes;
Take your vision.
Make it what it should be-
The colour of blindness,
Pain and humiliation
And return ‘em backwards.

I Feel We’ve Connected
Good lord
You answered the fucking phone
Well done you.
And oh,
What’s that?
You don’t understand?
Then don’t pick up
The fucking phone.

Blending In Well
Feed you up on spit,
Toss you off a roof.
Slap down,
Face down-
Gravel fleshed,
Bruise scented,
Toss wretch twat.

Oh fuck you:
You never want to know.
Shove your head
Inside your arse
And inflate,
You fucking
Waste of space.
Welcome to low Earth orbit-

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0 thoughts on “Shankalamadingdong – the Joy of Angry Poetry

  1. I wrote a ‘Fuck Poem’ too a few years ago mind.
    Fuck, to be continued

    Fuck the living
    Fuck the dead
    Fuck the greed
    That’s fucked my head
    Fuck the money
    Fuck the banks
    Fucking bank charges
    They’re fucking WANK!
    Fuck the Rich
    They Fuck the poor
    Fuck your neighbour
    Go Fuck a whore!
    Fuck my Alarm
    That goes off at dawn!
    Fuck wrinkes
    Fuck Porn
    Fuck this poem
    And now I’m through
    So you Fuck me
    And I’ll
    Fuck you too.

    Hope you like it, if not… Up yours lol

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