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This week, Monday 7th January 2013

Happy New Year to ye!

LittleWolf_DanielWhiston_greenMay it be filled with splendour and treasure surpassing the last. Did you have a good Christmas? I did. That and the pre-Christmas preparations washed all my writing plans and good habits overboard. Since I now have the pre-work horrors (I return to work on Monday) it seems a fine time to reassert those yarn-spinning and webifying habits. I could phrase that as a resolution of some kind, but I do despise the whole making promises to myself thing. I’d rather disappoint others as usual rather than me.

Let’s go with vague intentions shall we… I’m already aware this is going to be a fairly mental few months at work, and socially with improv and gigs it’s looking pretty busy (in a good, heart attack busy kind of way) so fear not if I disappear for the odd week – I’m probably just dead. Tuesday and Thursday stories are go. Random babble and media intake updates on Mondays. I desperately want to write some super-short reviews on films and books I inhale, just as a matter of course. So we might see some of those erratically I guess. Or I could plan to do them. Hmm. We’ll see. Further recordings for Flash Pulp and Reverbnation commenced today in a bout of near-proactivity.

So with that in mind:

This week’s scribbles


The Sacrilegious Adventure – a short pirate tale featuring Captain Pigheart, a mean judge and a saint’s head.


Audio Tales for Ye Ears – direct links to some fresh pirate words for your listening holes.


The War Alone: The Beta-Haris, part One a further delve into The War Alone world with an excerpt from the oral histories.

Updates on my thrilling life


The ship’s galley is almost complete. Painfully close, especially since closing that gap will now require the horrid messing up of the lovely tidy kitchen we’ve been using since Christmas.


I have received many books for Christmas, and foolishly acquired still more. Joy! I also spent a day reorganising my book cupboard. I realise that sounds dull, but it was a necessary archaeology to get at the first two in Peter F Hamilton’s Void trilogy. I received the final doorstop last year but started it and had no clue what was going on. I need to re-read the 2,000 pages that precede The Evolutionary Void as well as all the other books. Naturally they were both supporting the stacks and were right at the bottom. Frankly I had a marvellous day in the cupboard. The photos should provide some idea of the scale of the excavation. We need shelves. We need more shelves.

Book cupboard - disarrayBook cupboard restored

In the interests of following my own reading (and you may possibly share this interest), I’ve added the Goodreads feed down the right-hand sidebar somewhere. I read about 115 books last year (need to double-check) with my various lists and have told you about almost none of them. I am bad.


From the wonderful Lego Star Wars advent calendar!

I have been playing with Lego again. It is a wonderful stuff. I bought a huge bulk load before Christmas just to mess about with and have found it very relaxing. There was much Lego-ing all round. My other half is extremely fond of the mini-figures, so it’s nice to share an obsession. I can’t hope to match the astonishing efforts of many Lego designers, but I’d like to share them with you anyway. It also gives me an excuse to take pictures of them and justify devoting a shelf to them. Soon to come! I’m also the proud owner of a charming Cyberman collection and a wind-up Chewbacca. My dear brother got me 3D printed trinkets which are very cool – I shall share in future!

Events and Excitement

Improv shows

Thursday 17/01/13      Gorilla Burger: Improv Comedy Carnage – The City Gallery, Nottingham. An open show – available for anyone to take part in. It will be lots of fun.

Friday 25/01/13           MissImp in Action: Improvised Comedy Show – The Glee Club, Nottingham.

Friday 08/02/13           Mission Improbable – Create Theatre, Mansfield.

Pirate stuff

Yet to be confirmed but I think I’m compering at The Bookcafe in Derby again on 16th February, and so shall be reading pirate stories too.


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