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This week, Monday 17th December 2012

Return of the Captain!

I’ve been away… sorry! The end of the year has somewhat overwhelmed us here on board The Grim Bastard.

Not content with half a dozen shows and events, we’ve arranged  myriad social occasions, and topped that off with a truly exhausting work schedule. Oh yes, we’ve also chosen to get the ship’s galley refitted a fortnight before Christmas. What the hell are we thinking? I don’t know that we are.

So that’s totally trashed any hopes of writing for the last few weeks I’m afraid. I’m dead keen to get some fresh tales recorded both for Flash Pulp and the Reverbnation page, and then hopefully get some more scrawling done over Christmas.

This week’s scribbles

Pigheart Logo 4


Tuesday: Festive Re-Post 1: The Little Christmas Tale. A short pirate story of Santa slaying.

Wednesday:  Gig Round Up – November & December 2012 – links and bits of stuff from my last couple of gigs.

Thursday: Festive Re-Post 2:  The Accursed Christmas. Tis the season to slay zombies, with a pirate sword, la-la-la-la…

Round Up of “Last” Week

13th November: Shanktasm – The Derivation of Pleasure from Angry Poetry – perfectly healthy vitriol spurts.
14th November: New Willow Film – the new Hobbit poster is out!
15th November: The War Alone – a short, rather bleak story which will be the first in a non-sequential series of shorts.

Events and Excitement

Exciting stuff I’m doing coming up in Nottingham and thereabouts:

Right now… just waiting for Christmas!

Next year brings more MissImp in Action at The Glee Club on the last Friday of every month. Plus we’re back at Create Theatre in February. What else? Oh, we’ll have a monthly improv jam show on the second Thursday of every month too, starting on 17th January.

Waaay ahead is the Derby Downtown Festival on 29th June 2013 – an acoustic and arts takeover of Derby’s market place with music, comedy and spoken word stuff. I have found my way into the organising committee!


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