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Lego Creations: A Mini City

Lego Mini Figures of Doom!

My other half and I got addicted to Lego minifigs when they started releasing them in series of blind bagged wonder. Obviously we’re not so daft as to just buy them and hope we get new ones – that would be to encourage this sort of child manipulating retail strategy. It is a cruel and exploitative tactic. Thankfully, if you’re willing to spend a few minutes hours fondling the package you can be a winner every time. My partner is especially skilled at this; it is her super-power. They are awesome cool and are just begging for sets of their own to play in.

The obvious starting place was the dude in the Godzilla costume and the various robots. So that’s where I started…

It got more complicated

Of course it did. Once I’d had fun making some small buildings I realised there were other cool combinations of bricks that would suggest different kinds of buildings and further challenges of fitting stuff together in unusual ways. Plus it was too small. I wanted more, more I tell you.

Scale Agonies

The little town is still too big for the minifigs to be in scale. I suppose I’ll have to do another one to get really tiny kickable buildings for Godzilla. I get easily distracted and just want things to be taller and have more… bits.

Oh well… we have many more mini figures to build scenes for. Unfortunately I’m starting to run out of space, so they’ll have to be dismantled – I’m not sure I can face that yet.

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