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Lego Creations: The Castle Sprawl

It’s A Kind of Castle!

In all honesty, it’s lots of things all at the same time. I got very over-excited with having a new green base plate (just your standard 32×32). It’s been a long time since I had so much space to spread out over. I mainly remember the space sets with the craters and the road segments from being little.

It’s getting difficult to photograph – partly that’s because the kitchen lights are crazily not optimised for taking pictures, and also I’m a terrible photographer. Anyway, as you can see there’s quite a lot to look at here… Down at the front we have a decent knight fight and a lovely waterfall and pool. On the left is a more traditional sort of castle with various mini-figs scrapping it out. That leads up to a pleasing battlement being held by a Spartan, a Viking and a Legionnaire with a decent armoury at the back. That leads down to um, some stuff on the right.

Originally I’d intended the right hand side to be a Mayan/Incan temple because of the awesome mini-fig we got a while ago, but it mutated into an alien temple in the jungle (I watched Indy recently) with a sacrifice slab out at the front. I can live with that.

What’s invisible in the main photograph are the fun little bits inside. Roll out the full photo gallery:

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