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Shankopalypse – The End of Angry Poetry

Shankanalia 2

The End is Nigh, or at least it feels like it is a lot of the time. The end for me, preferably the end for you. If we both go down that’s at least a 50% win, and most days that would be good enough for me. I’m not greedy or selfish, I’ll take my share of the pain if it will take you down with me.

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Shankopalypse – The End of Angry Poetry

Mandatory Voluntary Participation
You’re here today because you wanted to be
Don’t interrupt
We’re here to talk to you
Shush now
It’s important that you listen
The end.

Straight Talking
Please, ask a question
We’ll give you an answer
Not the answer to that question, no
But the question I imagined in a dream…

Teamwork Part Two
Stop dying:
I’m trying
To do a thing
And I can’t
Because you’re crap.
Your insistence on failure
Is causing me pain.
I ought to return it,

A Contribution To The Debate
The bright day of doom
Dawns on the unevolved man-beasts
Prowling the town in search
Of food or hope.
Notttingham rocks;
Mansfield doesn’t.

The Power of Advertising
Let’s be clear
Having a child read
Your cynical bullshit spiel
Makes your product
Ever more hateful
Plus I now want to cripple the child.

I want to dismantle you
With a hammer
And a staple-remover,
Reassemble you
To perform some function
More useful:
Maybe a box,
Or sausages.

Your English Is Excellent
Spam-tangling fucknonic moron,
Spaz-bangled fucktittery
Tossing belly grue
As if it helps.
Gargled verbal abnouns;
You gibber primevally.

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