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Skankrabatic – The Sinuous Twist of Angry Poetry

Shankanalia 8

Oh god the rambling stupid mass daily at my door, in my inbox; the streets are clogged with semi-sentience. To mumble perchance to speak? How I hate the crowds.

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Skankrabatic – The Sinuous Twist of Angry Poetry

There’s Book Learnin’ And There’s Stoopit
Ah you bleating fuckwit
The words fall out of you
Like an upended shit bucket,
Full of waste ideas
Half-digested notions.
You never understood.

A Damp Homage
I feel it on my fingers
and between my toes.
Your blood is slowly congealing
Amidst your deathy throes.
That buzzing in my ears
Is your screaming tears.

The Bright Side
Sometimes I feel
Tense or sad
Then I reflect
With the brightest of grins
That sooner
Or later
We’ll all be dead

Oh, pulpy heart
Squeeze the bitch tits
Of aortic thump thump
Mash with cardiac fist
Grind with pulsating finger punch
Flow blood, to death.

Just Make Them Up
If you don’t trust the numbers
Don’t ask-
Don’t speak.
The numbers are out to get you;
They know you can’t count,
Can’t add them as friends.

Freak Show
This room is full of ugly mirrors.
Infinite regress of shattering hideousness.
Shards of toothless uncompromising foulness,
The out and in.

Jangling Jargon
Brain mashing repetition,
Copied rhetoric and babble.
I take your point
And stab you with it;
Knife in your back
You won’t feel it;
Numbed by words.

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