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Things I Love: #1 My Marmalade Badger

Life With Felines

I have always loved cats, and except for a few years of my life I’ve always lived with one. They are wonderful creatures: selfish, lazy, honest, demanding, inattentive and beautiful. In many respects they succeed in traits normally considered despicable in humans. On reflection I strongly dislike most humans (I am being gentle here) and find the company of cats infinitely preferable. This a shameless post about our beloved cat.

Merlin or Merly

We’ve had our little Ginger Angel for a few years now. She came to us after our previous cat Spats died (giving every impression that she died doing what she loved – killing smaller animals. We were devastated and found it very hard to live without her. To those who do not share their lives with non-humans I realise this may seem somewhat ridiculous, but I’d trade you one of your humans for a kitten any day of the week. Merly was then living with my step-mum’s sister, but due to work arrangements was becoming rather lonely living with just a mental dog. We took her in and have since indulged her indolent, noisy lifestyle. Her original name was Merlin, but she’s a lady-cat and something about her rather sweet nature suggested the diminutive ‘Merly’ instead. She has subsequently acquired many names: Marmalade Badger, Picklemoose, Bookin, Booxunamoon (her Egyptian name), Booclid (Greek), Squeaklepurr, Bumblebear and many other likely nauseatingly sweet names.

She Sleeps All Day, She Sleeps All Night

Merly sleeps for about twenty two hours a day, or at least has a damn good go at doing so. She’s slimmed down a bit as she’s gotten older, but not through resisting food.  When she’s awake she is very noisy, and exhibits the widest range of odd purrs, chirrups and squeaks I’ve ever encountered. I shall record some of her weird sounds for a future record. She also has deep, plush fur. That seems to be common with gingerbeasts, but Merly’s the first ginger kit I’ve lived with so it’s new to me. She’s fond of stomping over us when we sleep, and I find her purr (loud and deep) will send me straight to sleep if she’s lying on me.

Happiness Made of Fluff

There are two people there when I get home and Merly is one of them. Between them they make my life worthwhile and bring me a sense of peace and happiness I have rarely known.

Cuddling Time

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