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This week, Monday 12th August 2013

It’s No Longer My Birthday!

Cuddle CaveSo I shall certainly be weeping. Ten days off has also gone by with terrifying speed. I have not done a great deal with it… but then I was supposed to be relaxing and recuperating and I think that’s mostly been achieved, save for a little last minute stress and irritation. Isn’t that always the way though? You get right to the end of a nice chilling out and someone just tosses in a load of bollocks. Oh well.

It’s been a lovely quiet week with my Marilyn and Merly-Boo. We’ve been to the cinema a lot which has been fun, except for having to catch the rail replacement buses each time. After more than a week I am fervently hoping the Nottingham station works finish on time – I hadn’t realised quite how bad my travel sickness has become. Shuddery.

I’ve slept a lot, which is certainly a good thing. I have a rather nice heap of birthday things – from soft Star Wars beanies (they talk!) to Lego and books and badges and beers from the Isle of Wight, whiskey and necklaces. It’s great! I’ve done some rearranging of stuff in order to fit new things better into the stacked mass of boxes we live amongst.

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♥ This week’s scribbles

Tuesday Autofiction: Reflection and Regret Not all decisions are permanent; life is fluid and so is identity.

Wednesday Lego Blog: Birthday Minifigure Gallery I got custom minifigures for my birthday!

Thursday The Desert Crystals Part 17 “Stolen in the Breeze” Piracy in the open sky.

Friday Film Review: Only God Forgives (2013) It’s not a good film.

Updates on my thrilling life


I’m remaining slightly ahead of my week, though I of course have not done as much writing as I’d like to have done in the last week. Well, I slept instead… It was worth it. I’m halfway through the next chapter of The Desert Crystals and it’s going nicely. At some point I need to catch up on all the films we saw last week, especially the HP Lovecraft night we went to!

Last week I made a pretty big move personally when I wrote Autofiction: Growth and Confusion. I’ve previously kept the details of counselling I’ve participated in quite private, but last week I moved the contents of another website, Slightly Broken into Captain Pigheart. They go into rather painful personal detail about abuse and recovery. I was grateful to have received messages of support from some good friends and I’m content (I think) that I’ve made the right decision to incorporate them into my blog and life. It’s about acknowledging reality and change and feeling able to be honest with myself and others. Big stuffs for I. It feels like it makes sense to continue that self-exploration, so you might end up reading more (or skipping more) of that kind of writing. It’s not my intention to upset anyone else and if any issues are raised that you might want to talk about further I’m happy to engage.

Last week’s scribbles

Tuesday Autofiction: Growth and Confusion Is there really value to the introspective babble a new year gives rise to?.

Wednesday The Desert Crystals Part 16 “Look But Don’t Touch” Switching story lines on you – we’re aboard The Viper’s Eye.

Thursday Lego Blog: Demolition The take-down of a build and the excitement of new bricks!

Friday Book Review: Cages (Book One) by Chris Pasley  An excellent YA horror story.


I finally built my Jabba’s Palace! That was one of my few aims last week and it was a very satisfying construction. I discovered on completion though that it was slightly too tall to fit on the shelf. Disaster. I then spent aaaages modifying the build to reduce the tower by three bricks without affecting how it fits to the throne room. That was quite difficult! It’s hard to keep the style. I then went on to expand the model – I wanted a bit more space to be able to include other minifigs. You do get a fabulous selection of figures, but there’s no Boba Fett in there, and the Desert Skiff model has a bunch of other familiar faces. I guess I don’t have the space for the cool-looking Rancor extension – the shelves just aren’t tall enough. I suppose that will save me fifty quid though!

Improv Comedy

Not too much to report from last week, other than that Gorilla Burger was lots of fun. I played with Marilyn as Atomic Budgerigar and we did about twenty minutes that felt quite unlike improv we’ve done before with three (ish) elongated scenes, trying to get into the characters and roles rather than finish them off with a gag or punch line. I think it was successful! It certainly felt different. We’re still absorbing much of the new stuff and it’s proving confusing in the noggin hole. Nice to see Lloydie and Parky playing together as Segway as well. Hopefully we’ll get to see that again soon. Eddie, Martin and Amy bravely sang their way through The Fallen Angels, ending each scene with song. Very cool, and accapella.

Media Intake


Mwah ha ha! I finished Jim Butcher’s Ghost Story far too quickly, but was entirely satisfied! I have now moved on to Alan Campbell’s Sea of Ghosts. I really loved the Deepgate Codex and this is already being enticingly odd and intriguing.

Events and Excitement

Knickerbocker Glorious – Saturday 17th August

11-3 at The Fountain, Market Place, Derby.
MissImp will be appearing three times performing the unique excitements of Unspeakable Acts.

MissImp in Action – Friday 30th August

8.30pm at The Glee Club, Nottingham.
High energy improvised comedy show.


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