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This week, Monday 17th June 2013

I Believe My Soul Is Dying.

kitten and cheese souffleAgah! Despite the sleep I’m getting I appear to be exhausted. Today it’s from overdosing on family (in the nicest possible way) – I’m not used to being with eight other people for more than a couple of hours. It’s been fun, but gosh… they do make a lot of noise.

I also just had a ghastly train journey home with the joys of rail replacement bus service. I get appallingly travel sick, so a trip to my sister’s house and back to the train station already had me fairly queasy, so half an hour on a coach added headache and further nausea. I hate that sensation of travel sickness – like my bones are being pulled up out of my skin. Horrid.

My wonderful other half prepared cheese souffles, which both soothed my stomach and made our Marmalade Badger rather excited.

♥ This week’s scribbles

Tuesday Improv Blog: The Openings of Shannon O’Neill

A great week for improv, largely revolving around the lovely Shannon from UCB.

Wednesday Lego Blog: A Little Bit Robot

He’s small, but he’s got a chainsaw.

Thursday The Desert Crystals – The Journals Biologinary #2

The second zoological interlude – the Chiverley Hermit Beetle.

Friday Beer Review: Two Zero Alcohol Beers 

There can’t be many more out there – these have become my regular beverage.

Updates on my thrilling life


Last week seemed to go okay. I surprised myself by actually hitting my writing deadlines. It was a close run thing though! I had fun with the Journals Biologinary mock article and have cheerfully penned another. The film review on Friday was the hardest to fit in. The week had become a total bastard by that point and I was quite unwell. It brightened me up considerably to do a 1600 word hatchet job on it when I got home… Enjoy! This week we’re going for some shorties again. I hope that works out alright.

Last week’s scribbles


I haven’t been in much this week, but I have had a splurge this weekend! I was at my Dad’s for his 60th birthday party and my cousins from Sweden were over, along with Christian’s boy Atle. He had some nice Star Wars Lego and, feeling inspired, I raided my old attic for a tonne more Lego. I’ve found all my Lego Space stuff and a load of my brother’s Castle Lego too. It’s all very exciting. We had a lovely time Atle and I building endless spaceships and the old Light&Sound helicopter. Very nice. I then packed it all into a rucksack and brought it home… I’ll do a post next week or so about what’s in the bag.

“Be quiet or leave.” We take our Lego seriously.

Improv Comedy

Much to say about last week – so I’m doing that tomorrow. In other splendid improv news we’re doing spot on Tuesday at The Bag O’ Nails in Lenton with Nottingham University’s Improv! night. Zehr cool.

Media Intake


Reading seems to be one of the things I struggle to fit in when I’m busy at work, so I’ve only really read Stephen Hunt’s fun adventure mini-trilogy Sliding Void which is available in three novella slices as eBooks. They’re really good fun, and I think volumes 1 and 3 are free at present, and volume 2 is just a couple of quid. Fine rambunctious space opera:

6 CDs


I’m not deeply involved in music, though I have a lot of friends who are and sometimes I feel a bit left out. I mainly listen to music in the shower, and I like to get a good mix of… stuff. Recently I’ve been listening to Gangstagrass (who I found through the marvellous TV series Justified) and Reggie Watts. This is probably the most recent music I’ve enjoyed in a decade. To ensure I wasn’t bucking my own trend too brutally, I picked up a lovely 6 CDs for a fiver at That’s Entertainment. Talk about blast from the past… Brand New Heavies “Brother Sister”Now Dance 2001Reloaded 2 (2001 compilation of poppy stuff), Kylie “Fever”Moloko “Things To Make And Do” and The Shamen “Boss Drum”. I’m looking forwards to that lot!

Events and Excitement

Improv! – Tuesday 18th June

7.30pm at The Bag O’ Nails, Nottingham.
Fisticuffs doing our thing in the Student Improv show.

MissImp in Action – Friday 28th June

8.30pm at The Glee Club, Nottingham.
High energy improvised comedy show.

Furthest From The Sea Festival – Saturday 29th June

11am-5pm in the Market Square, Derby.
Free all day festival – music, comedy and more. I’m performing as Captain Pigheart and with MissImp. I’ll also be running improv comedy workshops.

Weeks That Have Come Before

This week, Monday 3rd June 2013 (

This week, Monday 10th June 2013 (

This week, Monday 10th June 2013 (


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