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Lego Blog: Steampunk In Progress

Steampunk Funk

Steampunk Aliens 5I’m pleased that Lego are bringing out some specific master builder steampunk sets, even though we’ll probably never see them on this side of the Atlantic. It feels like a style that Lego leans towards anyway – the recent (awesome) Monster Fighters sets have a very retro steampunk vibe. Especially those hats… It’s inspiring. I read quite a bit of steampunk fiction and I do enjoy the period details of George Mann‘s books and the insane steampunk world of Jackals created by Stephen Hunt. I do, of course, want my own steampunk – I suppose The Tales of The Northern Continent I’m writing have some leaning in that direction, and having recognised that it’s liable to grow stronger.

Steamy Lil’ Lego

I’m partway through building some robots and stuff and while I’m between thoughts, thought it might be fun to share where I’m at. It was randomly sticking hats on different minifigs that I discovered just how brilliant the space ork figure looks without his armour and wearing a top hat. Instant awesome. I had to play more. Since I’ve got a reasonable heap of parts I dismantled all my Chima guys (who have utterly terrifying expressions) found some nice trousers (from the Rock Raiders stuff) and a bowler hat (from the smug looking Monster Fighters guy with the moustache and bionic leg) and voila – he also looks amazing. Admittedly his eyes are quite high up the head, so his hat is just resting there rather than being firmly affixed, but it looks… perfect.

Steam War

The pair of them will be leading a charge through a semi-destroyed city, though by ‘leading’ I fancy our gents will be standing idly by observing the carnage. I’ve also made a start on the big ass robot who will be the primary agent of destruction. He began as an exercise in unusual joints but has bulked out rather nicely with weaponry on the right and digitation on the left. I’m pleased with his legs – I’d played with wheels and I just don’t like ’em. Maybe when I get my Kickstarter reward of caterpillar track links I’ll think about a rebuild of them. The colour scheme of black and green may not survive, though I do like it. I may re-build the fellow using greys and browns with tactical highlights to better reflect the steampunkery; I am as yet undecided and can be influenced should you so choose…

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