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Lego Blog: Pigs Vs Cows

Kickstarter – Pigs Vs Cows

PIgs Vs CowsI’ve only recently participated in Kickstarter and IndieGogo. I’d heard of it, largely because of a few friends who seemingly back every conceivable role-playing card game in existence. I suppose I’d just never really found a project to back that interested me personally. Now Lego… well, Lego would make me do anything. I’d swap food and children for Lego. I’m not certain how I came across Guy Himber’s Pigs Vs Cows Kickstarter. I think it might have been The Brothers Brick which I keep an eye on for a daily fix of beautiful Lego models.

Guy was proposing to design and manufacture a series of custom cow and pig heads. They struck me immediately as Evil Fabuland and I knew I had to have them. I didn’t go crazy (after all these are tiny Lego heads!) but I loved the guy’s enthusiasm (no pun intended) and the design that was going into them. I loved Fabuland as a kid, and I was delighted to find some of my original toys. They are profoundly creepy with their over-sized heads which tend to roll loose with use and have eyes that wipe off over the years… I can properly appreciate the weird now that I’m a proper adult (who plays with Lego).

I wrestled with the Kickstarter rewards but eventually settled for a simple set of pigs and cows in two colours: brown and flesh. They struck me as the best for general use and for future painting fun! I haven’t done any model painting since the heady teenage days of Games Workshop Space Marines and the Citadel miniatures for Talisman. Right at the end of the manufacturing process Guy added the option of getting a set in gold or glow in the dark! I opted for some gold, and they look really classy. I want to use them as gods and statue icons I think.


It’s a fantastic to get a bag of heads in the post!


I’d completely forgotten the set came with this beautiful printed custom Lego crate – now the pride of my Lego collection, and two rather nice Studs cards. I haven’t done anything with them yet, but the anticipation and sense of possibility are thrilling! Thanks Mr Himber.

You can check out all the pictures, and more as I start using the heads here on Flickr.

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