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Lego Blog: Series 11 Minifigures

Series 11 - Surprise

They’re Back!

We have been waiting for this with an unreasonable degree of excitement, eyes frantically scanning the shelves of every shop we went into for the last month – ever since we saw what Series 11 included. For me, this is the best series they’ve had for a while; it’s certainly the first for at least three series where we have felt compelled to acquire them all. In fairness to my own obsession it is dwarfed by my other half’s need to have them: that makes me feel slightly more sane. So here’s the gang in all their motley glory.

They’re continuing several running collections – robots, space guys (ah crap! I’ve just realised I’ve missed him, no – three figures –  out of all the cocking pictures – so this is 12/16 of the set!), scientists and beasties.

Brutal Favouritism



My other half went nuts about the Yeti some time ago – he’s got a lolly! Also the elf and the gingerbread man. They are all rather pretty. The Gingerbread Fellow’s head is a biscuit and he’s charmingly freckled all over. There are a lot of arm and feet details in this set – the costume designs are getting increasingly detailed and awesome.

For my part I have a lot of love for the lady robot ((she’s got bubbies, and a key). She looks perpetually surprised which is a bit odd but I’m looking forwards to putting her with Mr Roboto from a much earlier series.


imageimageI’m also rather fond of the British policeman, whose design is from the ’20s or something. Great moustache and truncheon too. The elf has traditional dinky legs and the adorable teddy bear. You get a nice brick with a ‘gift’ plate on top too. Honestly they’re all quite fantastic and have been worth every moment of blind bag squeezing. This time round WHSmith’s got them first (in Beeston), followed by Sainsbury’s. It’s been a fairly thrilling ride! There are some great new bits and bobs – the lady scientist (a weirdly much saner counterpart to the earlier Monster Fighters mad scientist) – she has blue gloves and two vials of awesome.

Huge Colour

Series 11 - NightmaresSeries 11 - DoScienceThe scarecrow and (I don’t know how best to describe this one) ‘tribal guy’? are perfect for supplying nightmares. The mask is rubber and he has a cool paint job on his face underneath too. There is literally no shortage of favourites here. I really like the welder, though it’s a slight shame it’s a full head piece and can’t be flipped up.

Idiocy and Innumeracy

Finally, there’s the last three who I stupidly forgot to include. I’m blaming that on them the last we acquired. More rollerskates, a nice sundae and yet more awesome space soldier fellows. I like that his face is just a set of crosshairs. And we finally have a mad cat lady such as other half aspires to… It’s a great set and I’ve had to order even more minifigure display cases. Ho hum, roll on series 12!

Series 11 - Welder Series 11 - Missing 3



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