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This week, Monday 9th September 2013

I’m Late I’m Late

The Future

But I am not, of course, pregnant. This appears to be a blessing, though the superficial benefits of having a few months off work do occasionally appeal to me. It’s high in my mind as one of my colleagues is about to vanish on maternity leave and I shall be covering most of her role. So the next few weeks will be a mad smorgasbord of learning things, attending meetings (which I generally refuse to on the principle that they are worthless opportunities for others to expound upon their own self-importance – get a fucking blog dude, join the club), and wrestling with different ineptitudes and failing systems. Yay me. It has an impact though – I reckon it’s gonna be adding a bit (standard measure of 23 tasks of Hercules) to my workload (and that’s with me aggravating folk by turning down their insane requests) and that will hard to fit in neatly and remain entirely relaxed. I’ve already been experiencing the stomach crawling tension that accompanies unwanted change; I don’t like change.

♥ This week’s scribbles

Tuesday Autofiction: Morning Horrors The anticipatory fear of the day.

Thursday Lego Blog: Work in Progress – Jabba’s Droid Dungeon It’s just not right…

Saturday The Desert Crystals Part 20 “Eye In The Sky” Something will happen!

Updates on my thrilling life


The coming work/life balance changes are going to hit my writing, which saddens me. Stuff has to give, for a while at any rate and there are improv-related things I can’t avoid and other social aspects of having a life that I shouldn’t skip. So I’m going to attempt to intentionally reduce my weekly writing plans – I want stuff I can keep up with, without feeling anxious if I fail at what I set for myself. Regular, planned posting of stories has become very important to my sense of internal well being.

Last week was a case in point – various events collided with emotions last mid-week and scuppered by intended part 20. I’m very annoyed with myself for missing it, and I’ve been having some anxiety about failing to write this post until Monday evening!

Last week’s scribbles

Tuesday Shankania: The Nation State of Hate Poetry Tongue-lashings of micro verse.

Wednesday Lego Blog: Series 11 Minifigures The obsession runs riot.

Friday Film Review Shorties: Elysium / Pain and Gain (2013) Some films to watch / avoid.


It’s really hard to make droids that look like Star Wars droids without having the right minifigures. I’ve spent some time this week staring dully at heaps of intricate Lego pieces unable to find ways to make the droids that appear in Jabba The Hut‘s droid dungeon. Frustrating. However, I’ve made some bits that seem to work okay so I shall press on! I’m running badly out of the bricks that would match the rest of Jabba’s Palace so I’m going to assign it to some darkened corner where architectural influences have been varied… as has paint. I’m loving my new ‘boot’ tray for scattering bits of Lego around, but unfortunately (or unfurtunately as I just wrote), it is also beloved of our cat.

Improv Comedy

Pretty exciting actually – Parky and I have planned our most ambitious season of shows and workshops – you should join us!

Check out courses and workshops here

Check out the awesome show schedule (and my new mini-show icons) here

It’s all genuinely very cool. There’s much teaching to be done and fun to be had! Speaking of which, I’ve persuaded my work to send me off on The Maydays 5 day residential improv festival at Osho Leela! Victory = writing properly on training applications. I’m kinda nervous, partly because it’s next week (I like a run up to knowing where I’m going to be) and I don’t like being away from home. It is however something I want to do and now need to make the psychological effort to look forwards to it!

There’s Gorilla Burger this week too, which is always excellent and I believe we’ll be murdering another film or play at the end of the evening. You should come along!

Media Intake

I finished reading Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch. It was brilliant and I’m going to struggle not to dive right back into the sequel. For now I’ve alleviated the addiction by buying new books, including a bunch of short stories by Adrian Tchaikovsky Feast and Famine. I’ve also enjoyed A. Lee Martinez’ Chasing The Moon

Events and Excitement

Gorilla Burger – Thursday 12th September

7.30pm at The City Gallery, Nottingham.
Improv comedy, bring your own drinks – we’ll let anyone on stage!

Nottingham Comedy Festival: Pub Poetry – Tuesday 24th September

7.30pm at the Canalhouse, Nottingham.
Open mic comic poetry and spoken word for everyone (in a pub).

Nottingham Comedy Festival: MissImp in Action – Friday 27th September

8.30pm at The Glee Club, Nottingham.
High energy improvised comedy show.


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